Tuesday, July 2, 2013

weather\mosquitoes/new digs

We stayed home today.  It is wet, but not raining yet.  The East Coast is so humid and hot, yuck.  Right now we are sitting at 79 degrees with humidity at 76%It is not comfy at all.  We are suppose to have T-storms this afternoon and night.  Looking at the weather website we should be fine by the 4th of July, just in time for the parades and fireworks.  But then we pick up showers after that for a few days.  This is one of the reasons it is so very green in this neck of the woods. 

I have not mentioned the other problem that comes with the warm moist air.  Yes, mosquitoes!!  They have been relentless on their quest for a nice meal.   I have been at the ready for them.  I have tried to stop this buffet of sorts with deet, but they seem to find that one spot I missed.  LOL  I will survive this too.  Poor Maggie, yesterday she insisted that she wanted to stay outside and not in the screened in mosquitoes free-ish place.  You could see her outside with mosquitoes buzzing all around her.  There were a few that were finding a nice meal with easy access on her nose. 

We have found this region to be a lot of fun and very interesting.  We are glad we came!!! And glad that Laura was here to share it with us.  We are heading out in the morning for a new adventure.  The girls hate it when we say "road trip", but they love it when we get there.  New place to pee and poop.  LOL

Update from Laura:  She is doing great and will be staying the night in Nebraska/Kansas (one of those flat states) .  The first part of this trip she was traveling in T-storms and lots of heavy rain.  One of the step-kitties escaped his crate.  So she had to drive some with him out and about in the truck.  Guess he was alright and having fun, but Laura didn't feel it was safe.  She got him in his crate and he has stayed so far.  She will have one more day of travel and she will be home.  

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