Friday, July 19, 2013

Day 6 of 49 the afternoon pix

In the afternoon we headed to Hopewell Rocks to see the flower pots and walk on the ocean floor.  

  Rog under another flower pot 

   Just a pot with no flower. LOL  Notice the blackish stuff at the base of the formations.  This is a type of seaweed that some fancy restaurants use in salads and such.  I had a taste , they must soak it in a lot of water or something to get the salty taste out of it, because it was very salty indeed.  
  Rog is standing between the same rock formation at low tide.

  Here is Rog kayaking between those same rock formations at high tide.  Oh, what fun that was.  

   This tide is constantly go out or coming in, there is no down time.  So there are no seashells to be found because of the constant churning of the ocean bottom red mud.  It is way redder that my pic shows.  It is noon so the sun is washing the pix out.  This is Rog and our Wagon masters for our caravan, Mike and Susie .  Our tail gunners, Jim and Bette were around having fun along the beach too. 

     As we were getting things set up at the entrance to Hopewell Rocks to kayak this furry guy runs across the sidewalk back into his hole.  That is Don's leg in the pic.  It is a groundhog and his name ... get  I kid you not.  
The kayak company was taking out a large group of kayakers on a guided tour.  They told us to put ours out with them and have fun.  So Don's kayak is out and we are getting ours ready.  We were told 15 minutes and the boats would be floating.   
   We are all sitting in our kayaks waiting for the tide to come in.  

  It's coming!!! 

  Closer.  This is all happening in a matter of minutes.  

 Rog is floating off and we are not far behind.  It was the greatest experience ever. 

   Just think at noon we were walking all around these flower pots and even farther out than they are. 

 There is Don  

  Tiny Rog kayaking between the flower pots. 

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