Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Day 17 of 49

Today was a travel day.  We only went 50 miles from Lunenburg to Halifax, Nova Scotia.  

It was foggy most of the night and also when we woke up.  Staying by an active port and wharf we were listening to the fog horn all night.  It really is a peaceful soothing sound.  

We lazed around the camp this morning because we couldn't be in the next campground until 1 o'clock.  This is interesting when you have 21 rigs 60 feet in length trying to pull off the road to kill time.  So we stayed put in Lunenbury to kill that time.  
  This particular spot was not so level.  LOL

  Was foggy the whole 50 miles here, but as soon as we hit the drive of the campground it started raining and we got soaked before we could get the rv all set up.  This is a pic of us all crammed together.  We are only here two days so not so bad.  We do have all the hookups so what's not to like.  The wifi could be better, but I did get this post out in the morning.  We are off to see some site today.  

Halifax facts:
  The war was seen as a blessing for the city's economy, but in 1917 a French munitions ship, the Mont Blanc, collided with a Norwegian ship, the Imo. The collision sparked a fire on the munitions ship which was filled with all kinds of bad bad stuff.  

  Items from the exploding ship landed miles away. The explosion decimated the city's north end, killing roughly 2,000 inhabitants, injuring 9,000, and leaving tens of thousands homeless and without shelter.  The following day a blizzard hit the city, hindering recovery efforts. Immediate help rushed in from far away.  . The most celebrated effort came from the Boston Red Cross; as an enduring thank-you, since 1971 the province of Nova Scotia has donated the annual Christmas tree lit at the Boston Common in Boston.  This is interesting to us because this is where we spent a lot of our time while we were in Boston this summer.

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