Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Day 4 of 49

We are now in the Atlantic Time Zone forgot to mention that in the last blog.  So now there is a four hour difference from my peeps on the West Coast. 

Fredericton is the capital of the Canadian province of New Brunswick.  The area of the present-day City of Fredericton was first used for seasonal farming by the Mikmaq and Maliseet peoples. Corn was the primary crop grown in the area. Interestingly, the site of Fredericton served as a sort of capital for Aboriginals in the area. Aucpaque, the "principal village" of the Aboriginals in the area, was located a short distance upriver from the site of present-day Fredericton.

First the French came then the English and now it is a blend of many peoples.

I will show you some of the beautiful building in the town.

The governors home.

  We all car caravaned into the town of Fredericton to get a tour of the place.  We started here at city hall.  They were getting a face lift with new pavers and fountain in the yard area. The major along with our guides met us at the door and we went up into the city chamber where he gave a speech like any true politician.  It was nice and so was he.  Then we processed to go on our walking tour of the town.  It has cool down a lot so the walk was great.  It was a long walk, about 4 miles altogether.  Well I was tired.  Here is a just a very small sample of our tour.
  Back in the day this was the barracks for the enlisted men.  There were 24 to a room.

Officer's quarters where there were only 20 men per room.
  Capital State House for New Brunswick.
   One of many beautiful churches in the town.  This one has a great story to it, but it is late and I forgot most of it.  So you need to come here and visit to learn all about it. 
  We went back to the park where we were able to see the changing of the guard.  These are cadets, like our JROTC in the states.  They are giving us demonstrations and reenactments of different marching patterns, presenting of arms and inspections for and by the "queen" (a young lady in town) and battle charges.  It was very interesting and entertaining.  

   Here is Rog with one of the bagpipers.  He would not smile no matter what, but Rog was grinning ear to ear.


Then we came back and went kayaking on the Saint Johns River beside our campground.  I am in my kayaking taking a pic of the campground. 
This is Terri.  Don went on a boat trip and loaned out is kayak. 

This is Rog on the river with his new toy.

It is a helmet mounted camera.  He is giving it a test run before the big tide ride. We had a great day and I am tired.

We get up and head out to a new location tomorrow.  Road Trip, this one is about 150 miles. 

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