Sunday, July 21, 2013

Day 9 of 49

Today we headed out to see the sights.  We stopped at the Toy Factory.  Got this pic for Bella.  We had a great day.  Started out wanting to kayak, but the wind was  a bit much so will try tomorrow again. 
   We went to the Province House (Our Capital Building) for Prince Edward Island.  This is the back of the building.  It is the seat of the Island's Legislative Assembly and now a National Historic Site.  It was completed in 1847.  It was the meeting place of the Fathers of Confederation.  From September 1–7, 1864, Province House had an important role in helping Prince Edward Island host the Charlottetown Conference which resulted in Canadian Confederation.   This is the place where Canada started.  

This is the front and as you can see it is getting a face lift. 

   In Charlottetown we came upon this church.  St. Dunstan's Basilica 1816.

The inside was beautiful

It has a huge pipe organ.

The country side was great and the day was cooler and sunny so we had a wonderful time.  

We all got together and headed out to a wonderful dinner.  We had our choice of 5 or 6 main dishes.  I picked lobster, this will be #6 so far for the trip since Maine and Rog had shrimp and scallops.   We also had a salad bar that was 16 feet long with some amazing goodies.  My favorites were the slaw and potato salad, but the rest was great too and so very fresh.  Then dessert was great too with many selections.  Rog picked...yes Laura... lemon margarine pie.   I picked slaw, yes I loved it way more that that sweet stuff.     
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