Saturday, July 27, 2013

Day 15 of 49

Today was a travel day.  We traveled 89 miles from Annapolis Royal to Lunenburg, Nova Scotia.  This Annapolis was named by the same man that named our Annapolis, Maryland. 

 It was rainy, windy and cold when we left the campground.  But before we left we went to the farmer's market in town.  It was one of the better farmer's markets I have been to.  We got blueberries, a big bag of home grown fresh veggies, orange beets, and yarn.  The bag of veggies were promptly cut up and we are having chicken and veggie soup tonight.  The blueberries were raised by a young family and are oh so tasty.  We were told the orange beets are heirlooms and are very sweet.  The yarn was Canadian raised.  She said they raise and shear the sheep and then send the wool to a co-op like place in New Burnswick where they get yarn per wool trade.  So she said the wool could have come from her sheep, but probably not.  It was being sold for a very reasonable price and it is very pretty.  I would have shopped longer, but for two reasons; we needed to go and Rog said he was done, or was that I was done.  LOL

This is near the tidal power plant I talked about in an earlier post.  It looks like snow, but it is foam on the water.
Foam is a natural phenomenon that occurs on many lakes and streams. Foam is produced when organic matter decomposes and releases fatty acids that act as surfactants or surface active agents.
Smaller amounts of dissolved organic matter are also released from living organisms. These foam producing molecules have one end that repels water and another end that attracts water and work to
reduce the surface tension on the water surface. These fatty acids are lighter than water so float on the surface of the water as a thin film.

This foam was really blowing today.  It was even on the roadway as we traveled through there.  


This is Lunenburg, Nova Scotia's city hall.  We took a hurry up tour of the town when we got here.  We were going to stop, but they are having a festival of some sort and the town is full and there was no parking. 
The town is built on the side of a hill and the streets are very steep at times. 


Love the color of the buildings.

Looking at Lunenburg from across the bay

Closer look
   Closer look

 This is an interesting pic.  They have these neat metal street hangers around town so I was taking pix of them.  This is a beautiful purple squid and look, that's us too.  

We are getting together to night to play games with the peeps.  

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