Monday, March 25, 2013

cold snow

This was the temperature at noon today inside 61 outside 33.  The wind chill was around 23 degrees high.  We had some snow flurries.  I got some pix of the snow.  

We are thinking we may have left Orlando too early.   After looking at the news and the weather there we are soooo glad we left.  They had winds in the 85 mph areaThey were showing pix of a small town of Conway not far from Orlando on the news.  Saw pix of trees down, roofs gone, and very little visibility.  I do not want that.  Here it is just a breeze  ( 20 to 35mph) and little snow flurries.  I can handle this.   It is 7:45 pm it 33 degrees out and this is the most we have seen it snow here.  

snow flakes on my jacket

 I am trying to take pix of the snow flakes that are falling on me.  It is very hard to get them in focus.  I thought this one deserved to be on the blog even though it is out of focus.

This is so out of focus, but what a pretty shape for a snow flakeShape of a flower.  Even the snow flakes are ready for Spring  LOL

The Canadians are wondering what they are doing here so early too.

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