Monday, March 18, 2013

Well we finally made it out of Florida.  
We got up and packed quite early so we could leave early.  Well not so much.  As Rog was leaving out of the resort in Florida a man walking beside the road told him the front right wheel was making a clicking sound.  Rog was also hearing it.  We drove up to the front to hook up.  So after hooking the car up he decided to check out the wheel noise.  So he got his tool to take of the wheel cover off.  Not so fast!  We had work done on the rig earlier and they really tightened them down.  He was bending the tool it was so tight.  Well we just had to leave without finding the answer to the what the noise was.  The noise has gone.  We think Florida Steve, squirrel stashed a nut in there. LOL 

We needed to get fuel.  Rog had this scoped out earlier and he knew where he was going and how to get in and out of the gas station.  Always important with over 70ft. of  stuff to move in and out of places.  He decided to take the last pump because of the ease of in and out.  Well not so fast.  The first set of pumps in this group was out of order which forced Rog to pull out into the entrance/exit.  So to eliminate so much sticking out he told me to unhook the nozzle and extend it as far as it would go.  Well there was a tablespoon or so of deisel in the nozzle and it spilled out onto my new shoe!!!  
Well the rest of the trip was great.  We just had to have a few dents in the armor, but no big things went wrong.  Michelle would love this place because you can see and hear the train from the rig.  In this pic the train is in the trees, then a small pond, and then the road to exit out of our site is seen on the bottom of the pic.  I would say they come by about every two hours.  I do love to hear the whistle (Rog insists they are horns) of a train.  I am just going by a song I know.  I do not know if  I would want to live by the tracks, but for a night, yes.
Our site.  It is a long pull through.  
We are listening to the weather reports and breaking news for northern Georgia where we are heading tomorrow !!   TORNADOS, LARGE HAIL, STRAIGHT LINE WINDS.
This weather system better get over before we move on to the northern regions.  

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