Tuesday, March 26, 2013


I asked her what she was going to do today since her party is Friday.  She and her father were going to donate blood.  She had to wait until she was 16.  How sweat of her to think of others on this special day. 

Last night we had snow flurries before we went to bed and in the morning we has SNOW ON THE GROUND. 
Here is the car.  Having a black car the snow melted sooner than our neighbors with light colored cars.  We are not suppose to have snow tonight.
We even had the white stuff on the ground.  Just a little (enough LOL), but so pretty.  When we woke up our water hose was frozen.  Well that's not unusual because the water hose is just lying on the groundBut what got us is that their water pipe coming out of the ground was frozen too.  It did not take long for all to thaw out.  We do not think it was because of the frozen pipes and hoses, but the toilet is having problems, because the toilet will not shut off.  Rog had to go into town and get a shut off valve so we can have running water in the house.   We will fix that in Nashville.  Also the water pump is acting up and Rog will look at that tomorrow.   
My little snowflake
This is the entrance to the resort.
When we went into town Rog drove into Amish country to see if the produce auction was open.  It is not, sad.  Before getting into the heart of Amish we noticed we were going in the right direction.  Traveling with all this traffic.
We are getting closer.  These guys are carrying long sticks.
These are pix of the neat farms in Amish country. 
We did notice that today is wash day.
buggy out front of a home
lumber mill
kids and buggy
Today was in the 40's nice.  forcaste is 19 tonight.  ouch. That is colder than by brother's place near Great Falls, Montana!!!!
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