Wednesday, March 13, 2013

We slept in as much as we do and got a late start to the day.  We then headed out to the links to play a round.  Les was not wearing a shirt with a collar, but  lucked out because the marshals for the golf course were off for the day I guess.

Watch the form and follow through.  No golf lessons needed here. 

Rog at the hole the concentration was unbelievable.
Michelle had great form and played well.  We had a great time out and about in the nice weather.
We came back to camp and played some more dominoes.
Les, what can I say.  He counts his 15 dominoes out,  then places each one so he can see them in front of the trays.  Then places them in the tray.  He touches each and every dominoe three times just to get them in the tray.  He is not ready to play yet, but soon.   We have lots of time Les.  LOL
Michelle cooked us a great meal again. 

 This is the Red Solo Cup Gang, CHEERS TO YOU ALL!
This next pic is for my teacher peeps.  I can't believe a school would actually put this on their marqueWay to go!

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