Sunday, March 17, 2013


 This is my last blog from Florida.  We are going to start going North very slowly.  We are stopping in Alabama to visit with a co-worker of mine and then on to some friends we met in Tennessee that live in Alabama.  I am looking forward to being on the move again.  

This morning we woke up to 12 to 13 hot air balloons drifting over head.  
 This is our flag in the pic.

They were so pretty.
Some were coming in low.  I was hoping to get to the lake, but I can not move out as fast as I would like.  I was thinking this one might land in the lake.  This pic is hazy for a couple of reasons. One the pic was taken almost into the sun and two there was fog on the lake in that direction. 
I got there as soon as I could and the balloon hopped over these fishermen.
Flying low
This one landed in a field just on the other side of the resort.
Floated over head so I was able to get the flame.
This is our site and Les and Michelle lived next to us.  They left today.
This is a bird just outside the door of the RV just singing away. 
I tried looking this guy up in my book, but I am sorry to say I lost interest with all the brown birds and I will just call it a pretty brown bird.

 We took a walk this morning and a fellow walker was looking in the weeds and showed us a pigmy rattlesnake.  They say the bite is not as bad as a rattle snake, but it can make you or our dog pretty sick.  Out of here!

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