Friday, March 29, 2013

Today we headed out to find the Elephant Sanctuary.  It is on Main Street in Hohenwald, Tennessee.  There is not really too much there yet because they are in the process of creating and building it.  We are not allowed to go to the sanctuary because these elephants are rescued from circuses and zoos and have been looked at all their lives.  At the sanctuary they are by themselves being themselves.  Another reason is they are big and safety is important.  They do have a program to volunteer.   They had pictures of the Girls on the wall with information about each one.  I put a few on the blog.
This is Tarra.  She is the elephant that I heard about on CBS.   She is the founding member and the youngest Asian Elephant here.  Her young life was spent entertaining in circuses and movies.  Her owners decided to retire her at age 20 and started the Sanctuary for her.  In the fall they get pumpkins.  I asked about getting their produce for the elephants from the Amish Produce Auction.  She said yes because of the low price.  They also  have people go there and bid on stuff and donate to the Girls. 
Winkie, Sissy, and Tarra
Winkie was only a year old when she was taken from her family in Burma and sold into the exotic animal trade, which brought her to the zoo in Madison, Wisconsin.   

Throughout history, elephants have been used as religious symbols.  At the sanctuary they get their own tree all decorated with delicious apples, pears, and more.  

Winkie  is more sensitive to the cold than many of the other Girls.  When Winkie comes in from the cold, she may pick up one or two of her blankets and throw them on her back.  They also have heated barns they come and go in. 
They have a large area where they bring in kids and teach them about the Girls.  On the wall in this area is a chalk (painted to look like chalk) outline of an elephant so they can visualize just how big an elephant is.  

They also have a wonderful time line of the sanctuary with the beginning with Tarra, listing all things important, and ending with the building of the Education Gallery we are in now.
  This is quite a story.  If you can not see it I am sure if you go to the web site you will be able to read this story and many more.
   These pix are of Tarra and Bella and their wonderful friendship.  They were featured on CBS and not long after Bella was attached by animals and killed and Tarra gentle carried her home in her trunk, hoping they could help her.  Elephants create a great bond and she pined for Bella many days and months. 

We had lunch in town.  We stopped at a Mexican eatery and what a mistake.  Tennessee is just not the place to get good Mexican food I guess
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