Tuesday, March 12, 2013

 We headed into town with my Groupons and Living Socials and had a great day, so this blog is full of fun pix.

Ripley's Believe It or Not! is a franchise, founded by Robert Ripley, which deals in bizarre events and items so strange and unusual that readers might question the claims. The Believe It or Not panel proved popular and was later adapted into a wide variety of formats, including radio, television, comic books, a chain of museums and a book series.
The Ripley collection includes 20,000 photographs, 30,000 artifacts and more than 100,000 cartoon panels. With 80-plus attractions, the Orlando-based Ripley Entertainment, Inc., is a global company with an annual attendance of more than 12 million guests.

 When Ripley first displayed his collection to the public at the Chicago World's Fair in 1933, it was labeled Ripley’s Odditorium and attracted over two million visitors during the run of the fair. (In an apparent promotional gimmick, beds were provided in the Odditorium for people who "fainted" daily.) That successful exhibition led to trailer shows across the country during the 1930s, and Ripley's collections were exhibited at many major fairs and expositions
As of December 2010, there are 32 Ripley's Believe It or Not! Odditoriums around the world. Odditoriums, in the spirit of Believe It or Not!, are often more than simple museums cluttered with curiosities. Some include theaters and arcades, such as the ones in Gatlinburg, Tennessee and Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin. Others are constructed oddly, such as the Orlando, Florida Odditorium which is built off-level as if the building is sinking.

The Orlando Odditorium is built as if the building is falling into a sink hole.  There are so many in Florida so why not?
  Les is taking a pic, Michelle is ? not sure and I am standing in front of the sinking building.
  Believe it Or Not.

We then went through the Odditorium.  The first thing I will write about are the hands on and photo ops.

 Michelle is watching a picture being draw using only one line.  The pen is never lifted.

 Les is using the calculator to add up for a believe it or not question.   None of the rest of us had to use the calculator when we did the question.  Just saying.

  It tells you to grab the jewel inside the clown's mouth.  Notice the blur of Rog's hand.  He pulled it out so fast.  Without the jewel too.  LOL

 Notice the name of the booth.  I can not see Rog's face, but I am hoping he is not puckering up. LOL
 You've got to be kidding.

 Pic with a tall dude.

 I am posing with my peeps, Vampire Lady and Lizard Man.  NO, I am not showing my tat.

  Rog standing in front of a piece of the Berlin Wall that came down.  


 The Peeps sitting on the couch.  You have to see if you can pick which one is the dummy.  

Now for a few of the "Believe It Or Not" things.

Mona Lisa made of toast.  Not bad.

After the Odditorium be headed to Senor Frogs.  It is a very interesting and fun restaurantThe next pic are at the Frog Place. 

When you walk in there are people floating in a pool and all you see are their legs and butts.  We thought the sign was funny.
The meals were great too...

  Notice the ceiling covered in sayings. 

   Senor Frog and Friends.

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