Friday, March 15, 2013

This is the lizard (plastic no messy fingers) that Les let me pick out for fishing bait.  I was wondering what we were fishing for with bait that big.  I was thinking since we are in Florida maybe alligators.  I let it be known that I was not taking them off the hook or keeping the stringer on my boat.  But Les assured me that it was for bass not alligator.  Oh , ya I did not fish here because I do not have a Florida fishing license.  I was just holding Les' second pole.   
We are camping near the lake so Rog decided to put the boats on the wheels and wheel them down to the lake. So off he goes.
When we got there we noticed guys fishing off the dock.  I did not ask to see their big lizards for catching alligators or how many they caught so far.  LOL
Les and Rog are bringing down the other kayak.
I have no idea what is going on here nor do I want to.
Rog had launched me and then Les.  This is the first time for Les fishing while in a kayak.
Not so bad.  The morning started off calm.  We had waited two days to go out, but the wind did not cooperate with us until today.   We did get quite a breeze while out there, but waited it out. 
Les got his line all knotted up out there so he needed to stop and get things fixed.  Here is his bad boy for catching alligators oops bass.
Still trying to find the fish.
Here is Les sneeking up on an "alligator" log.  Easy does it, Les.
We came upon a Sand Hill Crane nesting at the edge of the lake.  Soon there will be little bitty orange Sand Hill Cranes.

  I will not be here for the eggs to hatch so here is the little orange baby. 

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