Sunday, March 3, 2013

new home place

There are only two ways to get to the top of an oak tree:
One is to sit on an acorn and wait.
The other is to start climbing...
...See you at the top!

We got up and out early. The trip here was interesting and easy.  Rog loves to take the road less traveled.  We traveled in some different country and we saw lots of pine trees on this trip.  I do miss the pine treesThe weather was sunny and a bit breezy and cold.  With the wind and the chill, it was down right cold.  I think today is the last of the cold for a while.  My understanding is that the Arctic cold front dipped all the way down to the Keys, the very tip of Florida and that is why we got so cold here.   I am thinking I need to go farther south.

We have always wondered why Florida has so many roads with hair pin curves, and twists of all kinds.  In a state that is totally flat, elevation tops out at 300 ft, the roads should be straight as an arrow.  We now think we know why the curves.  Sink holes!  That's right, sink holes.  The roads have to go around sink holes that are already there.  They call them lakes and they have a lot of them here.  Sink holes that are starting, they are called depressions in the earth.  And sink holes that are thinking about being sink holes.  I am not sure what they call them.  Trying to build safe roads with all that going on I can see why the roads are so curvy. 

The park here is nice.  It is big and of course we are on the other side of the road from all the activities and pool and neat stuff.  They like to give those spaces to paying members, not step member as it were.  It is nice over here.  The spaces are a lot closer together than most of the Thousand Trail resorts, but all in all a nice place.  I will get out and about tomorrow and see more of the place.  


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