Saturday, March 9, 2013

Do not forget!!

Today we decided to start Spring cleaning a little early.  We took the curtains down that cover the windshield and side windows and washed them.  We decided they were very dirty and if washing ruined them so be it.  They turned out great and they smell so good.  
First we had to figure out how to get them down.  We started taking the little hooks down while the curtains were still up.  This was not easy and we had to be able to get this done better than this.  After looking it over we discovered a stop screw.  After removing it the little thingies came off really easy.  
I am taking the little hooks off the cotton loops.
  Here you can see the hook thingy.  It has little rollers on one end to slide on the rod with the hook to attach to the loops on the curtains.

 Working hard.
All washed and putting the hook thingies back on.
 Rog is taking down the material used to hold the curtains back while we travel down the road.  This is held to the wall by two screws.  When the curtains are pulled back the material raps around and is then held by Velcro.  They too are dirty and need to be washed.
 At one end of the curtain is a long rod that helps you pull the curtain completely around the entire windshield.  It is held there by a screw and nut through a grommet.  Needs to be off of there to wash.
This is the small rod that those little hook thingies with the small rollers go.  Job all done.

We got a call from our friends Michelle and Les saying they were in the Thousand Trails Resort and that there were many empty spaces.  We called the resort to see if we could come in a day early.  All is good and we loaded everything up, pulled up the jacks, slide in and off we go.  We are now in the TT resort all set up and ready for some fun with friends.  

Too funny 
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