Friday, March 1, 2013

oak tree


There are only two ways to get to the top of an oak tree:
One is to sit on an acorn and wait.
The other is to start climbing...
...See you at the top! 

We are experiencing a cold snap here.  We have had two or five cold fronts go through so far.  It is sweater weather now.  61 or so for highs and solid clouds all day long.  We are not suppose to have a very good weekend.  We will have showers off and on.  We are leaving here Sunday.  We will be heading for a resort we have never been to.

They are experiencing a terrible disaster here in Florida.  A sink hole has formed in the bedroom of a home.  A man had just gone to bed and in a matter of seconds, now he is gone.  His younger brother tried to help, but was rescued by a responding police officer.  The ground, after 18 hours, is still not stable enough for a rescue to even begin.  They do not have any idea how big it is.  It is now 30 ft wide with very soft edges.  The depth is 50 to 60 feet.   The rescue and engineers are on tither lines as they are working in case the ground give way.  They have evacuated two houses on each side of this house for fear the ground will give away under them too.  Everyone is saying this is unprecedented happening.  California has it's earthquakes, but Florida has mysterious sink holes that appear out of nowhere at anytime,  and big hurricanes and tornadoes and big thunderstorms. It is also the state with the most lightning strikes.  hummmm I think I have just been lucky and I best get outa here!!!  LOL no serious!  Florida does have Micky Mouse, but so does California.

We took the kayak trailer apart today and put it in the car.  We did not feel like doing that job a the cold rain shower, that is predicted this weekend.  We also put all the outside stuff away.  The awnings up, lights away, rug in.  We need to put the kayaks on top of the car and the rack and stuff on the back, but they are outside stuff and we will just have to do that job between drops.  

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