Sunday, March 24, 2013


 Hey it fits!!!

We stayed home today.  It was gray and rainy and windy.  Man is it windy.  We had rain in the morning and wind all day.  We are suppose to have this wind all night too.  The wind will rock us to sleep tonight.  This wind will bring us cold weather with the possibility of snow.  I am thinking the snow will stay farther north near Nashville.  But it is suppose to get in the low 30's here tonight.  But very toasty and nice in the rig.

No pix today.  It is hard when the wind blows the camera right out of your hands.  LOL  Everything would just be a blur anyway.  LOL  I still have it.  Funny

I did some laundry, read some on my book, and knitted.  Finished another wheel chair lap blanket, so will start another.  

Rog read and took care of the dogs.   He also went out and secured the thingy that sticks out on the slide-out yawning that keeps it from rolling out when it is in.  The wind gets under the yawning and rolls it out and blows it around.  It makes so much noise.  Before we would slide the slide-out in to stop the noise and possible damage to the yawning.  But Rog figured out that tying it down so it can not roll works so much better.  Now we have no more canvas flappy noises just the wind blowing around us and the slow rocky of the rig as a blast of wind it us.  LOL  I love Spring.

Some say we left to early from Florida, but the weather report there is 85,humitiy in the 80 percent area,  with thunderstorms and tornado warnings.  Hummmm cold is good.  


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