Saturday, March 23, 2013


Well we got here and the trees are bare and the skies have been overcast all day and now it is drizzling.  It has just been a gray day.  I did see a blue bird at our site, but was too lazy or slow to get a pic.  I will try and get that pic.  It will not be tomorrow because they are predicting rain all day tomorrow.  After the rain snow!  I love Spring.  

We did go into Hohenwald, the closest town, and did some grocery shopping.   The name "Hohenwald" is a German word that means "High Forest". The town was founded in 1878.  Hohenwald is also the home of the The Elephant Sanctuary, the largest natural-habitat sanctuary for elephants in the United States.

Our daughter, Laura, found out she has landed a job!!!  She has been working with one and two year grants since she moved to Denver, Co.  She is hoping this one will be a contract math position and she will not have to interview every yearShe will be working at the school she worked at this year.  She really enjoys the kids and staff.  She deserves a break and this job.  She will pack up her two cats and meet us somewhere in the New England states for a month this summer.  Two cats and two dogs in one motorhome, together.  HUMMMMMM  She has been looking things up to see and do while with us.  It is nice to have someone else help plan. 
This is not from the sanctuaryWe can not go to the sanctuary, but you can donate it takes a lot to feed just one of those big gals and they have 100 I think.  So go to the website and check it out.


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