Saturday, March 2, 2013

last day in Peace River, Florida

There are only two ways to get to the top of an oak tree:
One is to sit on an acorn and wait.
The other is to start climbing...
...See you at the top!

I think this will be my new motto to live by.

I must start out by saying I did not climb the oak tree today.  We did get the kayaks up on the car and all the stuff on the rack on the back of the car.  So we are ready to get up and unplug, slide in. and raise the jacks, hook-up the car, and start the engine to the rig and off we go.....oops lower the TV antenna.  That one step gets us a lot.  LOL

I must clear up some stuff I said on the blog about the sink hole tragedy here in Florida.  I said this is unrepresented because they have never had a sink hole form inside a home and swallow a man.  They have a lot of sink hole in Florida and that is why I said we have been lucky and we are thinking we need to leave soon before our luck runs out.  Can't win the lottery, but I will probably be the RVer than lands in one of these holes.  LOL

We ate out a Giovonie's  again tonight.  They are always so busy.  I know why the food is great.  We do not have sewer here so we use paper and plastic and eat out more than when we have full hook-ups.  I am liking this arrangement.  

Will let you know how the trip goes and what the new place is like in the next blog. 

 You're never too old to learn something stupid.

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