Tuesday, March 19, 2013

This is the pond at the Georgia RV site in the morning.  Spring is here, you can tell by the tornado warnings, large golf ball hail warnings, and rain.  It rained the whole night with just a little lightening and thunder.  Doing the 1, 1000  counting thingy I calculated the lightening was about 10 miles away. 

I was concerned about leaving in the morning because of the closeness of the road to the pond.  I was concerned with all the rain and the weight of the rig that the edge of the pond could cave in and we would be in the pond.  Rog had to go so very close because they had a pole of some kind on the other side so he had to swing wide to miss that.   We made it out just fine of course.  

We have been noticing all the car carriers heading south hauling Indy cars to the St. Pete, Flordia Indy race this weekend or maybe it is next weekend.  

Rog also noticed right away leaving flat Florida there are a lot more hills on the roads know.   He is having to apply the gas a lot more now.
We saw sign after sign about the Georgia Pecans and I am thinking these are the trees.  They are not thinking it is Spring yet and have not blossomed.
We drove by Fort Benning Military Reservation with the peeps out marching or some other kind of military stuff.  They may sent the black helicopters after me after you see these pix.  LOL
 Camp Benning was established in October 1918 and was assigned permanent status in 1918. Initially providing basic training for World War I units, post-warIn February 1920, Congress voted to declare Camp Benning a permanent military post.  
Military stuff.  Notice they are Iraq tan still. 

This was a beautiful surprise.  We are traveling on US 280 toward Columbus, Greogia  below us is I 185 which goes into the military reservation.  These statues are for the entrance to the base.

 “The Columbus Gateway Foundation completed construction of this magnificent structure encompassing 56 acres, 20 flags, 20 fountains, and life-size statues atop the gateway pillars. The monument’s four statues are two bald eagles, a “Trooper on the Plains” representing the Armor school and a “Follow Me” Infantryman, all well-known symbols to members of the military and especially important to those attending the base’s Armor and Infantry training facilities.”

We are now in Alabama.
We are in a city somewhere in Alabama driving down a six lane highway in heavy traffic and out of the blue the car to the right and in front of Rog just stops in the middle of the road.  All we can see are two people in the front seat just beating each other up.    LOL Well it was not so funny at the time.  This could have been a real problem, but all around we alert today and missed having a big accident.

Spring and some things are blooming.

We (Rog) decided the old tow bar was not working properly so we needed a new one.  This is the first time we  have unhooked it. The tow bar is called a Black Hawk.  Impressed yet?  It is a 10,000 pound all terrain tow bar! Now??  It is really pretty and clean. 

Our new digs in Alabama.  It is a great place for children and I know the grandkids would love this place.  They have a park with so many things for them to do.  It is called DeSoto Caverns.  They have many activities: pedal go-carts which are really fun to watch, crystal find, water balloon fights and the setting is two forts you climb into and throw from above or below raid the other guys fort.  They have over 28 fun activities.  They also have the DeSoto Cavern.

These pix are from their web site.  We did not go in the cavern because we have places to be and people to see. 
 Tour Pictures
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