Thursday, March 28, 2013

smoking hot

Ladies I would not use this one!!! Just saying

We had a wonderful day here just lazying around.  The high was in the 60s and dry.  They are forecasting rain tomorrow evening or night.  Then rain on Easter Sunday.  

I have been blue birds and cardinals, but they are very skid-dish and they really do not want their pix taken.  But I will keep trying.  There are also a lot of robins and ugly brown birds around. LOL

We took chairs and stuff out of the car when we got here.  So Rog decided to pack it up just in case the rains comes before they predict.  That was the big project that was done today.

Went into town to get dog food and people food too.  We stopped at a BBQ  place that Mary and Scotty took us to last year.  It is so good.  I got ribs and Rog got brisket.  It is amazing to find a real Texas BBQ in Tennessee.  We may have to find another excuse to go back before we leave this area.  It is a hole in the wall restaurant and butcher shop.  They do a lot of business at lunch time anyway. 

I am thinking that tomorrow I am going to try and find the elephant sanctuary.  I have seen it on the net and got some paperwork at the restaurant about it.  We have been in Hohenwald a few times and have not seen any signs of it, but I know it is there.  Hohenwald is not that big a place.  So I must find it.  


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